BPG Affiliate: Hamilton Capital Partners

Philosophy and Trademarks

Hamilton Capital PartnersHamilton Capital Partners' business is based on a commitment of financial integrity, investor satisfaction, employee growth, procuring investments of the Fund and offering value enhancement. The company's capabilities are further complemented by our entrepreneurial culture, which is a critical factor to our success.

Hamilton Capital Partners has consistently sought to exploit situations where limited competition increases the likelihood of achieving above-average, risk-adjusted returns. In many transactions, real estate, financial, legal and operating complexities have impeded other investors, thereby minimizing competitive pressures. The tenacity demonstrated in pursuing structurally and situationally complex transactions and the ability to develop creative financial and operating solutions distinguish Hamilton Capital Partners from the competition.

With this philosophy in mind, we have developed the following trademarks: Identifying those market segments that are poised for strong economic growth with limited competition. Astute market timing and extensive local contacts in the California markets. Conservative economic and financial structure. Maximizing short-term opportunities and identifying clear-exit strategies. Evaluating perceived risk and providing value-added management to maximize profitability.


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