BPG Affiliate: Hamilton Capital Partners Funds

Hamilton Capital Partners Funds Hamilton Capital Partners Funds is a series of private commercial real estate investment funds sponsored and seeded by Hamilton Capital Partners LLC, of which Barker Pacific Group serves as the Managing Member.

The Funds' objectives are to provide superior risk-adjusted rates of return to its investors. We believe that the best way to ensure an above-market rate of return is to invest according to the fundamental principles of real estate economics. By assembling and managing a balanced, conservative portfolio of value-based commercial real estate, we are able to consistently offer our investor partners superior rates of return on their investments.

Since its inception, Hamilton Capital Partners Funds have invested in several projects including the Chamber Building in San Diego, Kaiser Foundation Building in Milpitas, the Citizens Business Bank Building in Pasadena, 626 Wilshire Blvd. Building in Los Angeles, Union Development Company, Colorado Commons in Monrovia, 8075 West Third Street in Los Angeles, and the BPG Self Storage portfolio.

Hamilton Capital Partners is currently sponsoring Fund III which was closed in 2010. The objective of HCP Fund III is to take advantage of the current stress and devaluations of prime real estate which occurred in the major West Coast Markets during the 2010-2012 period.


Hamilton Capital Partners

Philosophy and Trademarks
Hamilton Capital Partners' business is based on a commitment of financial integrity, investor satisfaction, employee growth, procuring investments of the Funds and offering value enhancement. The company's capabilities are further complemented by our entrepreneurial culture, which is a critical factor to our success.


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